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6th-Jun-2012 10:51 pm - Office Hours [Wednesday]
Office hours this week... were actually taking place in Angela's office. She was even behind her desk. That this was an achievement probably said something about her, but she wasn't quite sure what.

Anyway, she was behind her desk, frowning at her phone. Being restrained enough not to keep calling back immediately involved a lot of staring at her cell phone. Not being an overly pushy best friend was hard.

It was too long before she moved it firmly to the side and tried to put her mind to drawing mind maps of future class plans... While also throwing sidelong glances at the phone.

It still wasn't ringing.
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23rd-May-2012 04:43 pm - (Outside of) Office Hours [Wednesday]
Angela was not cut out for regular office hours.

Luckily this week she’d remembered to stick a post-it on her door, complete with doodles, to kindly inform any students (or anyone else who wandered by) who wanted to see her that she... wasn’t in her office for office hours. Because it was far too warm to coop herself up indoors all day. Come on.

She’d grabbed an iced latte from The Perk and was outside the school out on the nearest patch of grass catching what sun she could, while making class brainstorms and also being available for anyone who wanted her.


[[ open, SP due to sunshine which I personally will be in for as long as possible. ]]
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9th-May-2012 02:13 pm - Office #11 [Wednesday]
Angela had an office. An office.

Of her very own.

Okay, yes, she’d had a room of her own before. But somehow this was that little bit more momentous. Don’t ask why. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was already trying to figure out what she’d actually do with it. Aside from decorate, because that was already a given. Oh, she had plans. Such plans.

… Of course, first she had to get into her office, and given she was precariously balancing a stack of sketchbooks (amongst other things) while she fumbled with the keys, that was looking like a less than simple task.

[[ open, with worktime SP from me. ]]
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27th-Apr-2012 02:06 pm - OOC: And the rest!
With all my newbie’s info over here it’s about time to get stuck into the not-so-newbie bullet points.

Kate Daniels (withasword) The sword-weilding necromancer!Collapse )

Chuck Bartowski (knowsnokungfu) The future nerd of Buymoria!Collapse )

Angela Montenegro: flashesforinfo The Good Time Girl.Collapse )

Elizabeth Stonem (pastmewrong) The (somewhat reformed) enigmatic bad girl.Collapse )

Behind the KeyboardCollapse )

Also! Angela will be looking for a good TA or two. Open to whoever wants, but priority to current seniors/grads who want to stay on island, for summer. Leave a (screened) comment here or email me (ihatefrills[at]gmail.com) if you’re interested.
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Some people might be whining that Spring Break was over too fast, and sitting in classes right now, bored to tears.

Angela was not one of these people. Mostly because she was still in Marseille. The French didn't call it Spring Break. It was supposedly some sort of 'study week'. Which of course isn't what it was used for by any student with even the slightest hint of rebellion in them. Arts students weren't exactly known for their goody-goody streak.

Did you know there was a party for Leap Day? There was, and they had found it. Is anyone really surprised?

[[ can be open for calls and texts. ]]
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21st-Nov-2011 11:25 pm - Paris, France [Monday Evening]
"Of course I'm sure. I've lived with her for months, and she has never just vanished before." Angela was getting bored of the repeated 'we have no record of that person' spiel and it showed. Her roommate and her belongings had vanished yesterday, and this was not her first investigation into the whys. "... So check again. Roxie. Roxie Lyon."

She'd been at this a while, and her face took a frown as whoever was on the other end continued.

"Okay, even if I were, you are not the person to make that call. We have therapists for that in my countr--"

And, there was the dial tone.

This was going great.

[[ NFB due to distance, and mostly establishy, but suppose it can be open for calls/texts/etc. ]]
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A few weeks down the line, and this cafe had not got old yet. Even without classes to go to this week, it was still worth walking a few blocks out to. As far as she was concerned there was nothing missing from her world, and everything was exactly as it should be. Why wouldn't it be?

It was little colder than it had been when she’d discovered this little place, so she’d started sitting indoors now but that wasn’t so bad. She had a good window seat to watch other people getting windswept on the street outside, while she stayed good and cozy.

Angela was splitting her time fairly equally between texting a few friends to talk them all into going out later to celebrate, sketching the odd patron who sat still enough, and sipping at the complimentary birthday coffee she’d managed to talk her favorite barista into giving her.

Not bad going for a day that was nowhere near over yet.

[[ open for calls/texts etc etc. ]]
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It was only the second day of classes, and Angela had already scoped out what she planned to be her lunchtime cafe cafe of choice for the next year. There had been a sort of audition phase during last week, where she’d visited a different one each day to find the one with an atmosphere that worked for her. Ambience was important, but really her main criteria were ‘somewhere she could buy a large and still great latte’ and ‘quiet enough to flirt with the cute Parisian waiters’. So what if she was still on a sort of self-imposed celibacy kick? That didn’t mean she couldn’t have her fun. What she lacked in solid French lingual knowledge, she made up for in enthusiasm.

A week or so out here, and the novelty hadn’t worn off. It probably never would. That said, some of her friends might wish that it would just so the stream of photos on text, Twitter and Facebook would just end already. Smartphones were the best invention, weren't they?

[NFB due to distance but open for calls/etc. If you think she might be spamming your character with gleeful pictures on social media... she probably is.]]
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17th-Aug-2011 01:54 pm - Washington DC [Wednesday, Afternoon]
Angela actually didn't mind the packing. It was exciting, mostly because she knew what happened when she was done...

Or, in a week provided she was done by then. Which she'd better be.

It was possible she should have started this task earlier, but no one ever called Angela the sensible or prepared sort of girl. Last minute packing was practically an art for her. The very fact she'd had this planned for months kind of went against her impulsive nature.

So yes. Packing? Totally easy.

It was more the limitation of the packing that she was awful at. The separating of things into 'to take' and 'have to leave'. One of her piles was a lot bigger than the other. The wrong one. What do you mean she couldn't take absolutely everything she owned to Paris with her?

[[NFB but totally open for calls etc. SP caveat for a few more hours since I'm at wooork.]]
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23rd-Jul-2011 08:20 pm - Washington DC [Saturday Afternoon]
Today may have been better than yesterday, but even Angela who was self-confessed a sun-lover, was still hesitant about going out and doing anything. There was hot, and there was 'can't move, can't breathe, could bake cookies without an oven in this' hot.

She'd already been outside once, for a necessary grocery shop to last the next couple of days, and she'd got it over and done with as quickly as humanly possible. Only problem now was that she didn't even want to unpack it all. That felt like a lot of energy after spending more than two minutes outside.

There'd been plans, fun plans, and now she was feeling that she'd have to put them on hold for the sake of remaining somewhere with decent air conditioning and not feeling like she was going to die. Even now, she didn't want to move too far from a central air duct, and was seriously considering lying flat out on the tile kitchen floor. That would feel nice. Really, really nice.


More than considering. It was happening. The packing away of food could wait.

At least thinking about the heat kept her from over-thinking about certain invites she might have extended. There were bright points.
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